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North Macedonia

North Macedonia

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North Macedonia
Chronology of Macedonianism and its "revival"
Events, confirmed from several independent sources explaining the origin of North Macedonia’s identity, language and purpose.
Bulgarians and Macedonians
North Macedonians and Bulgarians
What connects Bulgarians and Macedonians? What makes them so close?

The Republic of North Macedonia

Undoubtedly, the societies in North Macedonia and Bulgaria are so close and at the same time as if they are light years apart. However, we believe that our future is linked. After a time of separation and emotions comes a time of rapprochement and rationality. Our goal is to provide understanding and opportunity, not to close doors or limit people. Therefore, through our web space, we aim to inform people, how they can work together and understand each other better. Positive communication and dialogue is the key to our common future and prosperity. 


Unity is strength!

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MentorMate MentorMate developed its first mobile app in 2001 before smartphones and iPhones were a thing. The birthplace of the custom software development company is the U.S. state of Minneapolis, but Bulgaria quickly became its tech hub.   Initially, MentorMate partnered with a group of developers in Bulgaria, a country with an abundance of technical expertise. Soon after, the company gained popularity among the IT community and opened five offices
Jobs in Bulgaria
Wollow Software Development   Website: Industry: IT – The company’s core business is custom development of specialized software for corporate clients and offering proprietary software products and solutions. Employees: 12 Location: Varna, Bulgaria Year founded: 2010 Work from home: No.   Wollow is a software company based in Varna and profiled in specialized software development, API building and implementation and software project implementation, integration and support. We have extensive
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DONATIX   Website: Industry: IT – Offers web and mobile application development service for corporate clients. Employees: 25 Location: Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria Year founded: 2015 Work from home: The opportunity to work from home is available.   DONATIX is specialized IT software development and Outsourcing Company. The company is a proven technological partner for clients from start-up companies as well as for large corporations. The company’s activity is
Work in Bulgaria
Work in Bulgaria?Why?   Imagine spending 8 hours per day at the office, 5 days in a week. Most probably, you are spending more time with your colleagues rather than with some of your family members. Thinking about this will help you realize and understand why the working place and environment are so important for you. You will understand why off work activities and life out of the office should