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There are so many things in common between Bulgarians and Macedonians that it can be argued that there are no other two groups of people that have more in common than Bulgarians and Macedonians.

Bulgarians and Macedonians
Similarities between Bulgarians and Macedonians
Food with same name in North Macedonia and Bulgaria Vegetables: Tomatoes are called in both countries Domati. The Cucumbers and Gherkins have also the same names i.e. Krastavici i Kurnishoni. Cabbage is called Zelka. Other vegetables with exact same names are Morkovi – Carrots, Spanak – Spinach, Avocado, Cveklo – Beetroot, Tikva – Pumpkin, Maslina – olive, Limon – lemon and others. Dishes with exact same names   Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), Musaka or Moussaka, Zelnik, Mekici, Meso (meat), Shopska Salad – Macedonian Chopped Salad, Tulumba, Lokum, Baklava,