Historical facts

A land of heroes, rich history, and breathtaking scenery. Nobody expected Macedonia and its identity to cause such a schism between neighbouring countries. And perhaps it was fate? The following are chronologically organised historical events that have been confirmed by various sources. This content should help to clear up some misconceptions about this country and its identity, as well as explain how the current political situation came about. The establishment of Macedonia, or, to be politically correct, North Macedonia. Why should a country’s name be changed if its identity is so important? And why do several of Macedonia’s neighbours state unequivocally that their history has been stolen? The reader should feel free to question anything, but if they do, they should do thorough research. We are confident that we will be on the same page after this. Were previous generations witnesses to a new type of political engineering – the engineering of a new state and nation?

Chronology of Macedonianism