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Similarities between Bulgarians and Macedonians

Food with same name in North Macedonia and Bulgaria


Tomatoes are called in both countries Domati. The Cucumbers and Gherkins have also the same names i.e. Krastavici i Kurnishoni. Cabbage is called Zelka. Other vegetables with exact same names are Morkovi – Carrots, Spanak – Spinach, AvocadoCveklo – Beetroot, Tikva – Pumpkin, Maslina – olive, Limon – lemon and others.

Dishes with exact same names


Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), Musaka or Moussaka, Zelnik, Mekici, Meso (meat), Shopska Salad – Macedonian Chopped Salad, Tulumba, Lokum, Baklava, Halva, Boza, Med, Pogacha (Round Loaf), Gjuvech (cooked vegetables with chicken, it can be also vegan) and many others. In particular the shopska Salad is called after the people named Shopi, which are living in or near Sofia Bulgaria.


Same food but different names in North Macedonia and Bulgaria

The stuffed peppers in North Macedonia are called “piperki polneti” in Bulgaria “palneni chushki” or “palneni piperki”.

North Macedonian Bulgarian Meanning
Polneti Piperki Palneni Piperki Stuffed Bell Peppers
Brokula Brokuli Broccoli
Burek Byurek Burek


Same names but different food


Garlic in Macedonian is called Luk and Luk in Bulgarian means onion.

Spirit drinks


In both countries the most consumed alcoholic drink is called rakia or rakija. Other drink with same name is Mastika and wine in North Macedonia and Bulgaria is called Vino.

Other similar things which connect the people in North Macedonia with the people living in Bulgaria.


The majority of the population in Orthodox.

The North Macedonian language or the Macedonian language is very similar to the Bulgarian language.


Some end words for the reader

Why the politics are trying to make us so different and to see each other as enemies?

Can we not try to understand each other on a people level?

At the end if the reader can provide additional food names, which are the same in Bulgarian and in Macedonian language – please write in the comments.