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Jobs in Bulgaria


Software Development


Website: wollow-soft.com

Industry: IT – The company’s core business is custom development of specialized software for corporate clients and offering proprietary software products and solutions.

Employees: 12

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Year founded: 2010

Work from home: No.


Wollow is a software company based in Varna and profiled in specialized software development, API building and implementation and software project implementation, integration and support.

We have extensive experience in building and maintaining specialized software solutions, microservices and web applications for large private companies in Bulgaria as well as for clients in North America, Europe and Australia. Our strengths are a skilled and experienced team with over 12 years of experience, quality services, up-to-date technology and adherence to technology processes and deadlines. Our company is involved in both outsourcing and in-house development of software projects and solutions. Especially for a client from the Republic of North Macedonia we have developed a web software for pawnbroking, which the company has been using for almost 3 years.

Wollow has been a member of ICT Cluster – Varna for over 7 years and a key driver in building the branding of this structure.




The company’s mission is oriented towards setting ambitious goals and meeting them – for their customers, shareholders and employees. Developing web applications is a complex process, so internal communication is extremely important. Wollow has a team where every employee’s contribution is valued, continuous development on a professional level, and a pleasant working environment. We also offer individual internship programs for selected talent, following established and proven practices in the company for over 10 years.


Life and culture


At Wollow, we pride ourselves on team cohesion and camaraderie, and these are our core values in addition to our high level of service and support. Other features distinguishing the company with its own identity and pleasant working atmosphere are:

– The company’s office is also a very attractive Coworking Space, making it possible to communicate with other colleagues,

– there is a more than fair attitude from the management towards the employees,

– the sea is only 10 minutes from the office

– the opportunity to develop our own software projects.




Currently the technologies we use to develop our products and digital services are mainly Ruby on Rails, Asp.Net, JavaScript(Vue.JS, ReactJS), Kotlin and Swift.

For the team, we are looking for young, serious and motivated people who are willing to build themselves as professionals and integrate into a well-structured team.

Open positions can be found on standard job sites in Bulgaria as well as on their homepage: jobs in Bulgaria.