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Work in Bulgaria

Work in Bulgaria?Why?


Imagine spending 8 hours per day at the office, 5 days in a week. Most probably, you are spending more time with your colleagues rather than with some of your family members. Thinking about this will help you realize and understand why the working place and environment are so important for you. You will understand why off work activities and life out of the office should be important for every person.


Changing the working place is a big step in life and not an easy choice. Nevertheless, risks are part of life. Without risk, there is no success. If you want a modern working environment with growing opportunities, good salary and plenty of possibilities for personal development and off work activities – come to work in Bulgaria.


Why should I come to work in Bulgaria?


Below you can find some positive aspects, which may tip the scales and help you take a decision.


Flat tax rates

In Bulgaria are flat taxes in place. The flat tax system means personal and corporate tax rates are 10%. If you earn more with the time or you have a business, you will not pay more % of taxes.



You get modern services. One example is the Internet speed and accessibility which is one of the best in Europe.


The capital Sofia is green and practical

You can get to Vitosha Mountain by Subway and Bus connection. Sofia has in addition a lot of parks and areas suited to take a walk. The capital of Bulgaria is connected with black sea coast via relatively good highway.


Night life

Bulgarians are warm-hearted people who love to enjoy their free time, party and take part of different and interesting activities – which very much describes also the North Macedonian people. Theaters, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and discos. Everything is available and constantly improving.


Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine is similar to the North Macedonian cuisine. You will not feel lost when it comes to food and probably will be surprised how close Bulgaria and North Macedonia are when it comes to quality cuisine and beverages.


Understanding the people and fitting in

It is not a secret that the Bulgarian and the North Macedonian language are very similar. You will have little issues with understanding the people from day one. The Bulgarians are thinking of the people living in North Macedonia as the closest people to them. You will most probably get friends easily and become part of the modern Bulgarian society and part of Europe. After some time you might realize, that you take part in more social activities even than the natives.


Salaries, payments and money

The salaries in IT, Doctors, Engineers and other professions are higher in comparison to other Balkan countries. In addition, they are steady growing every year. The Bulgarian labor market needs fresh employees, which are looking to develop, learn and grow.


How to find a job and start working in Bulgaria


To start work in Bulgaria you will need a working permit – we will cover this in a separate article. Getting such working permit is possible when a company in Bulgaria wants you to fill a position and helps you with the process of obtaining this document. You might say, “Okay… and how can I know what open positions are on the market? “. There are plenty of job “marketplaces” on the internet. One can also follow the top company’s homepages and apply directly to them – we will also cover this in additional articles from the same category “Work in Bulgaria”.

For a start, you can use the following websites to check what open positions are currently in Sofia, but not only. Use the filters to check also Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna or other beautiful cities in Bulgaria.

When it comes for IT, you should definitely check www.dev.bg. This websites is concentrated mainly on IT. You will be surprised how much demand is currently on the market and how much work in Bulgaria is beeing for the development of the IT secotor.

The world is not only IT, that’s why in “work in Bulgaria” we provide plenty of other opportunities. On www.zaplata.bg , www.jobs.bg or www.rabota.bg you can find all types of jobs and get sufficient information about the requirements, how to apply and location.


Work in Bulgaria, works for you!